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Birney Madigan Parish Challenge Rules

  1. Only KMs that are run/walked will be counted. No cycling will be counted.

  2. Please send a text to one of the contact numbers below of what region you are part of so that you can be entered in the competition.

  3. Screenshot of distance travelled must be sent to a member of the relevant region management team (see list below).

  4. Where screen shot can’t be taken please give region management approx. distance so they can verify.

  5. The competition will run from the 06th Aug at 6pm until the 9th Aug at 9pm.

  6. Open to everyone and all ages who is from/ currently living in/ or formerly resided in the parish.

  7. Anyone interested in taking part please text your details to the relevant Team Managers below:

  8. Each KM ran/walked is equal to 1pt – KMs can be clocked inside and outside the parish boundary.

  9. Region with the most pts at 9pm on the 9th Aug will be crowned “Birney Madigan Parish Challenge Champions 2020”

  10. All donations towards the cost of our field development can be made using the gofund me page


Team Manager Contacts

Barrigone – Olivia Carrig Fitzgerald – 0879824173, Alan Donovan – 0878194701

Shanid – Niamh Greaney – 0879954272, Ger Corbett – 0871755541, Derek Kenrick 087602242, Caroline Reidy – 0879027125

Shanagolden – Damien – 0879156194 and Martina Fitzgibbon – 0862185649 – Dympna Lawlor – 0862185649

Foynes – Maurice O Mahoney 0877636558 – Colette O Farrell -0876434451, Kenneth Mullane 0879397859

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