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The training material below, provided by Munster GAA, is designed to support trainers and coaches in the planning and training of underage football teams. All our St Senans trainers can use this information to plan and deliver training to our members.

If you use any other training material please contact the website admin and we can make this available to other club members through this website.

Session Planning

Warm-Up Games
Quick warm up games for children – 1
Quick warm up games for children – 2

Training Drills
Training Pitch Drills Part 1
Training Pitch Drills Part 2

Football Games and Drills
Football Skills
Kick Pass 
Hand Pass 
Fist Pass 
Near Hand Tackle 
Low Catch 
Body Catch 
High Catch 
Side Step 
Side to Side Charge 
The Roll 
Feint and Side Step 


Ladies Coaching Section

Ladies Coaching Drills
LGFA Skills Videos | Ladies Gaelic Football


Other Material/Links

Activity Planner