Keith Enright | Vice-Capt


Junior B Vice-Captain

Keith Enright



Club/County Honours
Various underage, U21’s West and County Champions 2009

Best Sporting Memory
Winning the Under 21’s Double in ’09 under Moo Fitz probably the best year of my life, running around in the mud with Moo’s Vans Headlights acting as Flood Lights

Rule change you would like to see implemented
Black Card Abolished

Worst Sporting memory
Brock Lesner beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania

Bad Habits
Not bending the back when picking up the ball, and the occasional nose picking

Biggest Sporting Influence and Why
My team mates through the years, each and everyone pushed you to better yourself and get the extra bit out of yourself

The reason I play for St. Senans is
When you put on your parish colours you wear them with a sense of pride.

One player you would like to be more like
Ian Ryan, a player that never fails to deliver for club and county, the best player I’ve ever played alongside.

Best Piece of advice you have received
“Pump the ball into Foley” Vincent Kelly 2014